"Statistical Analysis of Extremes in Geophysical Science"

2008 schedule

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Seminar Presentation: Nonparametric Tools for Modeling Hydroclimate Time Series (abstract, pdf)Wednesday, October 29 at 2:30pm/ISSE Conference Room (i.e., ML-466, through ML-460C in the B tower)Rajagopalan Balaji-
Lewis M. In Nature's Casino. New York Times, 26 Aug 2007.Thursday, July 31 at 3:00pm/ML-ChapmanMatt Pocernich -
Seminar Presentation: Between residual tail-dependence and Hüsler-Reiss triangular arrays: Tail-dependence parameters and limiting multivariate EV distributions under a new second order condition. (abstract (pdf)) Friday, July 11 at 10:00am/ML-Chapman Rolf-Dieter Reiss pdf
ISSE Coffee Talk (Seminar): Going against the flow. Travel patterns in the Southern France: a vulnerability factor of flash floods. (abstract (text file)) Tuesday, February 19 at 10:00am/FL1-2133 Isabelle Ruin -
Seminar Presentation: "The Influence of Atmospheric Blocking Conditions on Extreme Temperature and Precipitation Events in Europe." Friday, February 8 at 10:00am/FL1-2133 Jana Sillmann -
ISSE Coffee Talk (Seminar): Detecting change in extreme seasonal precipitation events using results from climateprediction.net (abstract (text file)) Wednesday, January 30 at 1:00pm/FL3-2072 Hayley Fowler -
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