"Statistical Analysis of Extremes in Geophysical Science"

2006 schedule

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(if any)
Casson E and S Coles. 2000. Simulation and extremal analysis of hurr icane events. Appl. Statist. 49(2):227--245. Thursday, December 7 at 10:00am/ML-Chapman Room Thomas Jagger pdf
Seminar Presentation: Trends in Extremes in US Precipitation Thursday, October 12 at 11:00am/FL1-2133Richard Smith -
Seminar Presentation/ISSE Coffee Talk: The dynamics and societal relevance of wind predictions on weekly to seasonal time scales abstract (text) Tuesday, September 19 at 10:00am/FL1-2133Jeff Yin -
Craigmile PF, Cressie N, Santner TJ, and Rao Y (2006). A Loss function approach to identifying environmental exceedances. Extremes, 8(3):143--159. Thursday, July 20 at 10:00am/FL1-2133Dan Cooley and
Eric Gilleland
Fawcett L and D Walshaw (in press). Markov chain models for extreme wind speeds. Environmetrics. DOI: 10.1002/env.794 Thursday, July 6 at 10:00am/ML-DCREric Gillelandpdf
Seminar Presentation: Changes in UK extreme rainfall projected by the PRUDENCE regional climate models [abstract (text file)]Thursday, June 8 at 3:00pm/FL1-2133Hayley Fowler -
Seminar Presentation: Forecast Verification for Extreme EventsThursday, May 18 at 10:30am/FL3-2072Rick Katz -
Seminar Presentation: [abstract (text file), supp. tables (pdf)] Wednesday, April 26 at 10:30am/FL1-2133 Benjamin Lamptey -
Meehl GA, Tebaldi C More intense, more frequent, and longer lasting heat waves in the 21st century SCIENCE 305 (5686): 994-997 AUG 13 2004. Wednesday, April 19 at 1:30pm/FL1-2133Claudia Tebaldi -
Ledford, Anthony W. and Tawn, Jonathan A., 1996: Statistics for near independence in multivariate extreme values, Biometrika 83(1):169--187.

Ledford, Anthony W. and Tawn, Jonathan A., 1997: Modelling dependence within joint tail regions, J.R. Stat. Society B 59(2):475--499.
Wednesday, April 12 at 1:00pm/ML-DCRDan Cooleypdf
Morss, R. E., O. V. Wilhelmi, M. W. Downton, and E. Gruntfest, 2005: Flood risk, uncertainty, and scientific information for decision-making: Lessons from an interdisciplinary project. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 86:1593--1601. Thursday, April 6 at 10:30am/ML-DCR Eric Gilleland -
Seminar Presentation Thursday, March 30 at 10:30am/ML-DCR Richard L. Smith pdf
Seminar Presentation: Extreme Precipitation -- An Application Modeling N-Year Return Levels at the Station Level [abstract (text file)] Wednesday, March 22 at 1:30pm/ML-DCRElizabeth Shamseldin pdf
Heffernan JE and Tawn JA. 2004. A conditional approach for multivariate extreme values J. R. Stat. Society B 66(3):497-530(34). Thursday, February 23 at 10:30am/ML-DCR Richard L. Smith pdf
Abaurrea, J., and A.C. Cebrian, 2002: "Drought analysis based on a cluster Poisson model: Distribution of the most severe drought." Climate Research, 22, 227-235. Thursday, February 9 at 10:30am/FL1-2133 Eric Gilleland -
Seminar Presentation: Trends and patterns in reanalysis data. Wednesday, January 18 at 10:30am/FL3-2072 Matt Pocernich and
Eric Gilleland
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